$ wait($handle, [timeout])

Blocks and waits for the callback, process, or fork associated with $handle to finish. if $handle is a fork, the return value of the fork will be returned by &wait. if $handle is a process, the return value of the process will be returned by &wait. If the specified timeout is reached $null will be returned.


$handle - the handle to wait for.

timeout - the number of milliseconds to wait for. default is 0 which means to wait forever.


The data returned depends on the type of the handle. If the handle is a &fork then the return value of the fork is used. If the handle is a process opened with &exec then the exit value of the process is used. If the timeout is reached then $null is returned.


sub factorial { sub calculateFactorial { return iff($1 == 0, 1, $1 * calculateFactorial($1 - 1)); } $result = calculateFactorial($value); println("fact( $+ $value $+ ) is ready"); return $result; } $fact12 = fork(&factorial, $value => 120.0); $fact11 = fork(&factorial, $value => 110.0); $fact10 = fork(&factorial, $value => 100.0); println("fact(120) = " . wait($fact12)); println("fact(110) = " . wait($fact11)); println("fact(100) = " . wait($fact10));

fact(120.0) is ready fact(110.0) is ready fact(100.0) is ready fact(120) = 6.689502913449124E198 fact(110) = 1.5882455415227421E178 fact(100) = 9.33262154439441E157

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