$ fork(&closure, [$key => $value, ...])

Creates a new thread, a new script environment, and executes the specified &closure. The returned $handle acts as a pipe betweeen the thread and the new script environment. Within the script environment $source is available to act as an outward pipe.


&closure - the closure to execute. the this scope and everything else is dropped. only the closure block itself is executed. A variable named $source is installed into the new script environment to act as the other end of the pipe the returned handle is attached to.

$key => $value - installs the right hand side $value into the new script environment as $key. it is important that shared hashes/arrays/objects are synchronized using &acquire and &release.

... - as many $key => $value pairs as you like may be specified.


A $handle that acts as a pipe between the new script environment and the current script environment.

Side Effects / Notes



sub child { $calculation = readln($source); println("Received $calculation"); $result = expr($calculation); return $result; } $pipe = fork(&child); println($pipe, "45 * 99"); $value = wait($pipe); println("Result is: $value");

Received 45 * 99 Result is: 4455

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