$ exec("command", [%env], ["directory"])

executes the specified command and returns a $handle.

$ exec(@command, [%env], ["directory"])

executes the first element of the command array and returns a $handle. this form of exec is useful for passing arguments that have whitespace in them.


"command" - the comamnd to execute. this string is split apart by whitespace. the first token represents the command. the rest of the string is split by whitespace and passed as arguments.

@command - an array containing the command to execute as element 0. The rest of the array is passed as the argument array for the command.

%env - a scalar hash specifying the environment for the executed command. (default is $null which uses the default environment).

"directory" - the directory to execute the command from. default is the current working directory.


A $handle to stdin/stdout for the executed process. This handle can be read from and written to using Sleep's IO functions.



$process = exec("ls -al"); @data = readAll($process); closef($process);

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