Sleep - Duct Tape for the Java platform

Sleep ...

  • is a multi-paradigm scripting language for the Java Platform
  • easy to learn with Perl and Objective-C inspired syntax
  • executes scripts fast with a small package size (~250KB)
  • excels at data manipulation, component integration, and distributed communication
  • seamlessly uses Java objects and 3rd party libraries

Sleep source and binaries are released under the BSD license

Latest News

Sept 9

After the Deadline, Sleep-based Technology, Acquired Sleep code now checks spelling, style, and grammar for millions of writers at Automattic acquired the technology in July and made it live yesterday. [link]

Apr 30

Sleep 2.1 Update 4 This release smooths several issues for multi-threaded scripts. Added a &sum function to compute the sum of an array. Updated &values function to extract specific keys from a hash. Added predicates to test if a string is upper or lowercase. The documentation was updated as well. [link]

Dec 25

Sleep in Hakin9 Magazine An article (written by yours truly) on code flying around the network is appearing in the January 09 issue of Hakin9 magazine. Check it out at Borders/Barnes and Noble. [link]