$ search(@array, &closure, [index])

Applies the specified &closure to each element of the specified array until a non-$null value is returned.


@array - the array to search through

&closure - the function to apply to each element of the second argument. Each call to &closure has an argument containing the current index value of the search as $1

index - the index to start searching from (optional argument defaults to 0).


The search stops when the specified closure returns a value other than $null. This value is returned by the search function.


@array = @("apple", "apes", "bats", "bars", "beer", "girls"); sub criteria { println("Looking at $1"); return iff(charAt($1, 0) ne "a", "found $1", $null); } $answer1 = search(@array, &criteria); println("And... $answer1"); $answer2 = search(@array, &criteria, 4); println("we have... $answer2");

Looking at apple Looking at apes Looking at bats And... found bats Looking at beer we have... found beer

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