@ filter(&closure, @|&)

Applies the specified closure to each element of the second argument and returns an array of all non-$null return values.


&closure - the function to apply to each element of the second argument. $1 is the current element.

@|& - the famed second argument, this can be an array or another closure. If a closure is specified the closure will be called continuously until $null is returned.


An array with all of the non-$null return values of the first function applied to each individual element of the second argument.


# # filters out all non-uppercase letter characters. # sub uppercase_only { return iff(uc($1) eq $1 && -isletter $1, $1, $null); } $string = join("", filter(&uppercase_only, split("", "Hello World"))); println("Value is: $string");

Value is: HW

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