Package sleep.runtime

Interface Summary
ScalarArray This interface lets you implement your own data structure behind a scalar array.
ScalarHash This interface lets you create your own scalar hash implementation.
ScalarType This interface makes it possible to create a new scalar type.

Class Summary
Scalar A scalar is the universal data type for sleep variables.
ScriptEnvironment This class contains methods for accessing the data stack, return value of a function, and the environment hashtable for a script.
ScriptInstance Every piece of information related to a loaded script.
ScriptInstance.ProfilerStatistic A container for a profile statistic about a sleep function
ScriptInstance.SleepStackElement A container for Sleep strack trace elements.
ScriptLoader The ScriptLoader is a convienence container for instantiating and managing ScriptInstances.
ScriptVariables Maintains variables and variable scopes for a script instance.
SleepUtils This class contains generalized utilities for instantiating/wrapping data into the sleep Scalar type.