Interface RuntimeWarningWatcher

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public interface RuntimeWarningWatcher

Runtime errors are caught by sleep. Examples of a runtime error include calling a function that doesn't exist, using an operator that doesn't exist, or causing an exception in the underlying javacode. Whenever any of these events occurs the event is isolated and turned into a ScriptWarning object. The Script Warning object is then propagated to all registered warning watchers.

To create a runtime warning watcher:

 public class Watchdog implements RuntimeWarningWatcher
    public void processScriptWarning(ScriptWarning warning)    
       String message = warning.getMessage();      
       int    lineNo  = warning.getLineNumber();
       String script  = warning.getNameShort(); // name of script 
To register a warning watcher:

script.addWarningWatcher(new Watchdog());

See Also:
ScriptInstance, ScriptWarning

Method Summary
 void processScriptWarning(ScriptWarning warning)
          fired when a runtime warning has occured.

Method Detail


void processScriptWarning(ScriptWarning warning)
fired when a runtime warning has occured. You might want to display this information to the user in some manner as it may contain valuable information as to why something isn't working as it should