Package sleep.console

Integrating the Sleep Console


Interface Summary
ConsoleProxy a necessary interface for creating a front end to the sleep console.

Class Summary
ConsoleImplementation The ConsoleImplementation is the "engine" behind the sleep console.

Package sleep.console Description

Integrating the Sleep Console

The sleep console is an interactive console for loading and unloading sleep scripts. An example TextConsole is provided with sleep. However for the sake of your application you can give the sleep console any interface you'd like. This is done by creating an implementation of sleep.console.ConsoleProxy. This ConsoleProxy just lets you define how input and output happens. You then create an instance of ConsoleImplementation, pass it all of the relevant objects of your script environment, and set the console proxy to your implementation. The end result is a fully working sleep console with your applications interface.

Note: implementing the sleep console into your application is not a requirement.

Console Reference

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The Sleep Console
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The Sleep console is just a quick and dirty interface for interacting with
the sleep library.  Sleep includes API's for integrating the console with 
your application.   Personally I just use the console for debugging the 

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To Launch the Sleep Console
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[raffi@beardsley ~/sleep/bin]$ java -jar sleep.jar

To launch a script from the command line:

java -jar sleep.jar load

The console class sleep.console.TextConsole is a small class for using the 
console as a command line application.  If you want an example of 
integrating the console into your application read the source code for the 

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Console Commands
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Enter Command> bload 
   A benchmark loading command.  See how long it takes to load a script.

Enter Command> clear
   Clears the shared environment and clears the default variables. 

Enter Command> env
   Dumps the script environment to the console.  A good way of seeing
   what has actually been loaded into the shared environment.

Enter Command> help
   Lists some quick and dirty help.  Mainly just a list of the commands 
   available to you.

Enter Command> load []
   Load a script via the sleep console.  If you specify a filename the
   file will be loaded.  If not the console will ask you to input the
   code snippet line by line.

Enter Command> quit
   Quits the sleep console.

Enter Command> run
   If a script was entered in manually via the "load" command.  Then
   this command will actually execute that most recently loaded script.
Enter Command> serialize 
   Loads the specified file.  Then compiles it and dumps the runnable
   block as a serialized file.  Runnable blocks can be serialized and
   distributed as a way of shipping a binary only version of sleep

Enter Command> unload 
   Unloads the script

Enter Command> tree
   Dumps an abstract syntax tree of the most recently loaded script. 
   If you want to see how sleep is parsing scripts this command will
   do it.