? '*filter*' iswm "string"

Determine if the specified wildcard pattern is a match to the string.


'*filter*' - a wildcard pattern. The following table provides a refresher of the wildcard matching meta characters.
Meta characterMeaning
*Matches any zero or more characters (non-greedy*)
**Matches any zero or more characters (greedy*)
?Matches a single character
\Escapes a wildcard character i.e. \*
A greedy matcher will try to consume as many characters as possible before continuing to the next part of the wildcard string.

"string" - the string to check


@strings = @("test", "task", "turf", "tusk", "dusk", "musk", "tease", "torso", "stochastic"); foreach $var (@strings) { if ('t*s*' iswm $var) { println($var); } }

test task tusk tease torso