$ debug([level])

query/set the debug level for the current script environment.


level - an integer specifying the current debug level. Debug levels can be OR'd together. The following debug levels can be combined with the OR operator i.e. 1 | 24:
1display all hard errors as runtime warnings.
2display all soft errors as runtime warnings. These are the same errors that are caught programatically using &checkError
4display a runtime warning for the first time use of non-declared variables.
8trace all function calls (collects profiler statistics)
24trace function calls only for the purpose of collecting profiler statistics
34"throw" all errors flagged for use with &checkError
64trace all predicate decisions (follow program logic)
128trace propagation of tainted values

If no argument is specified then the current debug level is returned with no changes.


the current debug level


# query and print the current debug level $level = debug(); println("The current debug level is $level"); # turn off all debug warnings debug(0); # enable all debug warnings debug(7); # enable debug options 1 and 4 debug(1 | 4); # turn on debug option 4 (without affecting other options) debug(debug() | 4); # turn off debug option 4 (without affecting other options) debug(debug() & not(4));

The current debug level is 1

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